Mediation - Conflict Resolution

Blue Door personnel include mediation as part of the suite of counselling services.


We have suitably trained mediators with extensive experience with simple and complex mediation. We have experience in mediation between family members in “family mediation”, between neighbors and others in “community mediation”, and between personnel – employers or employees in different combinations - in “workplace mediation”

Mediation is a circuit-breaking and respectful way of talking through and solving problems between two or more people. Parties to a dispute, with the assistance of a mediator, identify the disputed issues, develop options, consider alternatives and endeavour to reach an agreement.

The mediator is not an adviser. The mediator does not make decisions (like a judge in a court) in regard to the issues and problems (or the content) of the dispute or the outcome of its resolution.

A mediator will lead the disputing parties into respectful conversations. The mediator reserves the right to determine the process of mediation to best match the needs of the parties.

How is this process respectful? The mediator will assist the parties to define their own interests and needs, understand those of the other parties, appreciate each perspective, and conduct discussions with dignity.

“Good faith” means that parties enter into mediation with an expectation to contribute towards a mutual outcome. Mediation will often include “pre-mediation” sessions to assist the mediator understand more about the parties and their respective issues.


The practice of mediation is usually quite formal. Sometimes, a more informal approach may include coaching in conflict resolution and communication skills. This includes core elements like :

  • Basic grounded listening skills
  • emotional (mostly fear and anger) regulation
  • communication styles applicable for different personality types
  • problem solving and reasoning skills

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