Critical Incident Response

Blue Door staff have years of experience in responding to critical incidents. We are able to support the minimization of trauma responses and assist recovering from work related trauma. Of note is our attendance to the needs of all staff and families during the Beaconsfield mine rescue in 2006. The OH&S Manager at the time has written “Personnel have reported feeling comfortable with Blue Door practitioners and comfortable to refer friends and family members for services. They report that the contact with Blue Door practitioners is helpful to manage issues at work and at home. When on site, Blue Door workers have shown capacity to fit with the culture in the workplace and communicate well with a range of personnel.”

After the rescue, our staff assisted the organisation to develop an innovative ongoing psychological safety plan for personnel in high hazard circumstances. The programme was a finalist in the 2009 Tasmanian Workcover Safety Awards in the Best Workplace Health and Wellbeing section.

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